Comics and Jokes

If you create a comic strip, write jokes, or know of a good strip or joke, fill out the form and send me the link. We especially like comics and Jokes with a scientific, technological, engineering, mathematical or new media theme. We prefer comics and jokes at the rating of “E for Everyone,” but will accept M (Mature) ratings if they are clean and speak well of the human race. Thank you. Jan

P.S. If you abide be our ratings of E and M, give us your Twitter account and we will follow you @STEMStrong.

Make your own Comic Strip

Here is a site where young and old can create your own comic strip at Make Beliefs Comix. In addition to English, you can write “bubble copy” in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German and Latin. I found this site at Google supported Literacy Project. A “sister site,” Bill’z Treasure Chest, provides more activities for recording family histories, diaries, and more.

Strange Quark is a nerdy comic strip available for free on the web at Strange Quark by Dallin S. Durfee. I found this comic on I encourage you to join the Twitter conversation; it’s brilliant.


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