Welcome to STEM Strong

Strengthening the United States through STEM education and Federal Employment

Jan Bush

I work for the Federal Government at a research lab. My job exposes me to hundreds of government researchers in industry, academia, and other Federal laboratories. Throughout all our organizations I find we all need the same thing — we need young, smart United States citizens to come work for us. While earning my Master of Science degree in Interactive Communications, I hope to reduce this need by spreading the word about Federal government employment in STEM (science, technology, education, and math) careers to teachers, parents, guardians, counselors, administrators, informal education organizations, and young people. That’s why I blog and that’s why I support knowledge partnering with informal STEM educators.

Encouraging and counseling young U.S. citizens to work for our Nation’s research laboratories must expand beyond the brick and mortar of our school systems. As a Nation, we need to make this happen.

In addition to scientists and engineers, we also need technicians, bookkeepers, personnel specialists, business administrators, program managers, and other support careers. I am a support person. I serve as a Corporate Communications Officer specializing in marketing and communications. Whether support or bench scientists, every one of these positions in Federal government research require that the person responsible is a United States citizen. In any organization performing Federal government research, their workforce assigned, or have access to Federal government research must be U.S. citizens. To be associated with Federal government research, you also need a security clearance.

Help strengthen the United States of America by encouraging and promoting STEM education, both formally and informally, and then encouraging these same students to join Federal government researchers in our National laboratories, contracting industry, or higher education research laboratories.

Join me on my journey to provide quality, online and mobile strategy and direction for my Federal employer through my formal education in interactive communications. Together we can gain a better understanding of STEM education, find resources that can help us promote STEM education in our everyday lives, honor any heroes in STEM education that we come across, share fun games and videos, and by popular requests, I will share with you the new media skills I am learning.

I also have a talent for finding pertinent information and understanding how to use that information. Most of this site will be built upon that talent by providing resources that connect people and organizations together. If you have something of interest to share, fill out the form below and send to me. If you know an organization that I have missed in my links, please let me know.

Thank you,

Jan Bush
Grad Student
Interactive Communications
Quinnipiac University

P.S. Everything I write here is solely my opinion. Opinions of other people and organizations referenced in blogs or through web links are not necessarily endorsements; I am just sharing their knowledge and talents with you.


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