Washington State Historical Society’s History Lab

Through my work I collaborate with Mary Katchur of the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum on a STEM program. Whereas I graduated with a BA in Ceramic Arts, Mary graduated with a BS in Ceramic Engineering. Mary also completed two master degrees; one in material science and another in science education. You can understand why I collaborate with Mary — she is smart and learned. Mary brings her knowledge of visitor interactions with displays to help ensure any displays we build will be of interest to our audience.

To round out our core planning group, Dr. Stacie Williams with the Air Force Maui Optical & Supercomputing Site serves as our resident scientist. Her doctoral topic centered on “ultra-fast, time-resolved laser investigations.” You will have to ask her what that’s all about. Stacie is another super-smart person working on this collaborative team. Stacie’s years of experience in both formal and informal science education provides a deep understanding of our youth and what interests them in addition to the teacher side of our STEM outreach equation.

Other key collaborators include Dr. Joe Janni, Dr. Roy Hamil, Dr. Sean Rowe, Stewart Bailey, Mathew Van Dixon and more. All of us have a passion for helping our youth succeed.

In this passion we are finding others who have gone before us and have a successful informal education program. Although we focus on science, technology, education, and math; we recognize all areas of study.

The Learning Center
One such find is the Washington State Historical Society’s History Lab Learning Center. Mary attended a workshop presented by Stephanie Lile from the historical society. Mary was impressed with their curriculum for teachers, books and displays in addition to Stephanie’s passion. Mary passed on the site’s information to us; I am passing it on to you. Click on the links below to visit their sites for more details.

Washington State Historical Society

History Lab Learning Center

Find out more at http://www.historylab.org.

Sage Advice
Stephanie Lile did offer advice to Mary in their correspondence. Stephanie encouraged us to ensure with each project and each contract we retain full rights to reproduce as needed for educational, training, and outreach efforts. She also suggested to obligate contractors to “produce media that you can re-purpose easily.” I imagine this extends to the final production as a whole or any part there of.

Thank you Stephanie Lile for sharing your experience with us. Keep up the good work.


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